Calia Morais, Ph.D.

Calia Morais BPMMB Psychologist Birmingham, Alabama

Dr. Morais provides the following services:


  • Dr. Morais provides the following services

    • Individual and group therapy for adults

    • Biopsychosocial Pain Assessment

    • Pre-surgical psychological evaluations for Spinal Cord Stimulator (SCS) and organ transplant

    • Consultation and Speaking Services in the areas of pain management, diversity and inclusivity issues


  • Dr. Morais works with the following problem areas

    • Pain Management

    • Sleep

    • Adjustment to chronic pain and other illness

    • Anxiety

    • Depression

    • Stress-related issues

    • Life transitions

    • Immigration and acculturation process


  • Dr. Morais employs the following therapeutic approaches

    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

    • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

    • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

    • Positive Psychology Interventions

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Dr. Calia Morais is a licensed clinical psychologist in Alabama and Florida. Dr. Morais specializes in pain management and behavioral medicine. She is originally from Peru and bilingual in Spanish and English. Her background influences Dr. Morais to be attentive to cultural and diversity issues and how they contribute to presenting problems.


Dr. Morais obtained her bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida and her PhD from the University of Alabama in 2019. She completed her predoctoral internship in clinical psychology at the James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital in Tampa, FL and continued to advance her training by completing a pain fellowship at the Pain Research and Intervention Center of Excellence (PRICE) in Gainesville, FL. Dr Morais has worked with patients living with various pain conditions and from diverse backgrounds. While Dr. Morais’ primary area of focus is pain management, she has extensive experience with other behavioral health issues such as insomnia. Dr. Morais also treats mental health problems that impact health outcomes, mood and functioning.


Dr. Morais is active in national organizations focusing on improving pain treatments for all patients and is the current co-chair of the Diversity, Inclusion and Anti-racism SIG at the US. Association for the Study of Pain (USASP).  Additionally, she maintains her involvement in research and collaborations focused on pain disparities, and psychosocial treatments for chronic pain management.